Main Line

  • New installation of plastic pipe
  • Leak pinpoints and repair on steel and cast iron pipe
  • Encapsulation (leak repair) of bell joint, coupler and valves
  • Operator qualified for installation and tie-ins

Replace Aging Infrastructure

Banks Gas Services renewed over five miles of mainline ranging from 2” to 12” and all associated service lines in the first of a 20+ year program.

Service Line

Commercial and Residential:

  • New installation
  • Riser replacement
  • Operator qualified and relight certified

Infrastructure Improvement Project

Banks Gas Services performed a variety of different services over the last 7 years for Columbia Gas. Most notably, Banks Gas has installed or renewed close to 10,000 service lines since the inception of this project.

Action Housing

Client: Poillucci Plumbing


Banks Gas Services works in conjunction with Poillucci Plumbing, another locally based company, to provide services for Pittsburghers who need and qualify for assistance.

House Line

Commercial and Residential:

  • New installation
  • Replacement of existing
  • Pressure test and leak repair

Expert Staff

Banks Gas Services, Inc. employs knowledgeable, hard-working individuals who are dedicated to do the job right the first time. We employ over 70 people, all of whom are our greatest asset.

This philosophy originated from Pittsburgh’s very own Andrew Carnegie and meshes well with our family oriented business and management style. Banks Gas strives to continue to evolve and provide our hometown with quality services and employment opportunities into the future.

Directional Drill

Non-invasive, guided horizontal drill for pipe line installation. Used for main and service lines.

Vacuum Excavation with Core Drill Option

Core drill is a Penn Dot approved process which greatly cuts restoration cost.

  • Corrosion protection, (anode installation, single or bed), rectifier cable repair and installation
  • Leak pinpoints and repair
  • Encapsulation of bell joint, couplers and valves
  • Service line termination for idle accounts
  • Verify underground utility location
  • Pipeline integrity inspection