traffic-controlTraffic Control Services

At Banks Gas Services, Inc., our commitment to safety both for our own personnel and the general public comes first.

That’s why our on-site crews receive Flagger Training and certification through PennDot’s “Trained Flagger” program.

  • Our Flagmen are trained in accordance with PennDOT Publication 408, Flagger Training Requirements.
  • Our Flagmen are competent with PennDOT Publications 212, 213, and part 6 of the manual on Temporary Traffic Control Guidelines, M.U.T.C.D., and the Flagging Handbook.
  • Our crews are experienced in work-zone traffic control and work-zone setup requirements typical of municipal and utility work.

When Banks Gas is on the job, you can be assured of a professional approach, starting with on-site safety and experienced traffic control services.

Learn more on our Safety First page.


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