Vacuum Excavation, the Future of Gas Line Repair

Gas line repair and replacement tears up neighborhood streets, disrupts traffic flow, and leaves ugly scars even when the patching is done.

At Banks Gas Services, Inc, we arrive on site with the latest in 21st Century equipment, like our Vermeer VX100XT AIR Series Vacuum Excavator by McLaughlin. Using a core saw, we extract as little as a 6 inch core before using our vacuum excavator to expose the work area and begin repairs.

When the job is done, we replace the core with quick setting grout and the physical damage to the site is minimal.

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Support for Directional Drill Gas Project

In 2016, Banks Gas was called upon by a local utility company for a demanding project in Pittsburgh. It was a distribution line replacement requiring a 400-ft bore to replace a 4-in. gas line, but the challenge was to do it across Bigelow Boulevard, a busy 4 lane traffic corridor not far from the heart of the city.

Closing the boulevard was not an option. With the small on-site impact afforded by our truck mounted core saw, vacuum excavator, and a directional drilling rig, Banks Gas was able to reduce traffic disruption to a single lane closure for a limited time.

You can learn more on our Projects & Press page, including a link to the North American Oil & Gas Pipelines magazine article about the project.


Vacuum Excavation with Core Drill Option

  • Corrosion protection, (anode installation, single or bed), rectifier cable repair and installation
  • Leak pinpoints and repair
  • Encapsulation of bell joint, couplers and valves
  • Service line termination for idle accounts
  • Verify underground utility location
  • Pipeline integrity inspection
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