service_lines-gasService lines provide gas distribution from a gas main to the customer’s meter. That customer could be a commercial entity or someone’s home.

Banks Gas Services, Inc began more than 15 years ago servicing the needs of end-use customers by making the final service line-to-meter connections needed when mainlines were being replaced or repaired in neighborhoods all across Pittsburgh.

Today, service line installation and repair is just one of our specialties, but one for which we are exceptionally well suited, based on our history.

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Gas Service Lines

Serving commercial and residential customers with:

  • New gas line installation
  • Riser replacement
  • Operator qualified
  • Relight certified

Gas House Linesgas-service-lines

Pipes that distribute gas to appliances throughout the building:

  • New gas line and appliance connection
  • Replacement of corroded gas lines
  • Pressure test and leak repair

New Tap and Service Abandonment

  • Install new tap on main and make connection for customer service line
  • Abandon idle service tap

At Banks Gas, we not only have the certifications and experience you need, our company strives to bring state-of-the-art techniques to each job, including minimally-invasive techniques like Vacuum Excavation and Directional Drilling.


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